Sabor - Latin American Restaurant

Set Lunch/Dinner menu

Two courses £15.00 - Three courses £17.50


Pinchos de Pollo

Citrus and coriander-marinated chicken skewers, grilled and served with papas huancainas (Peruvian-style potatoes served in a cheese sauce flavoured with turmeric and cayenne)


Caribbean cassava fritters stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and red peppers served with a tomato sofrito

Quinoa Fritters

Crispy savoury pancakes with organic quinoa (the sacred grain of the Incas), served with chunks of tender avocado in a lime and avocado dressing

Main courses


A classic dish from coastal Brazil - a delicious stew of red snapper, swordfish, prawns, mussels, tomatoes and coconut milk, seasoned with chilli and coriander, served over rice

Ají de Gallina

Classic Peruvian dish of pan-fried marinated breast of chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary, red onion, garlic and coriander, served with Mayan Gold saffron potato mash and ají amarillo sauce


Creamy white and red quinoa risotto with mushrooms served with a rocket salad


Torta de Maracuya

Passion fruit tart served with mora coulis

Helados Tropicales

Home-made passion fruit, rum and raisin, and mango ice cream


Dinner: Tuesday-Friday / Lunch: Saturday / Lunch & Dinner: Sunday
For parties greater than six, please consult the manager for availability before booking
A service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill