Sabor - Latin American Restaurant


Margarita de Maracuya


Our house cocktail; fresh passion fruit & lime juice blended with Sauza tequila blanco, triple sec & passion fruit liqueur

Amor Ardiente


Colombian Antioqueno Aguardiente blend with lime, mora (the andean blackberry) & sugar molases

Maracuya Sour


Aguardiente cristal, blend with lime, passion frui, egg white and sugar syrup

Lulo & Amaretto Sour


A Disaronno Amaretto sour served long and partnered with lulo, a tropical fruit unique to Colombia tasting a little like gooseberry

Mora Caipirinha


Mora, another great flavour brought over from Colombia, this Andean blackberry flavour brings wonders to the caipirinha

Pineapple and Ginger Martini


Stoli vodka, fresh pineapple juice & ginger

Guayaba Rum Punch


Havana Club Especial rum, guava & lime juice, honey syrup, topped with ginger beer

Mango Collins


A refreshing tall drink of Bombay Sapphire gin, mango purée & lemon juice

Passionfruit Daiquiri


Fresh passon fruit, Havanna Club Anejo Especial rum, lime juice and almond milk

Classic cocktails



The classic Brazilian cocktail, with 'muddled' limes and cachaça



An intoxicating blend of tequila, Cointreau and fresh limes



A favourite in steamy Havana: a refreshing mix of mint, limes and Havana Club Especial rum

Pisco Sour


Made from the muscat grape in Chile and Peru, pisco is shaken with lemon juice and egg white

Martini, extra dry


Choose vodka or gin with a dash of vermouth

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Lulo & Pistachio Licuado


Colombian Lulo fruit shaken with pistachio syrup, honey and egg-white, balanced with fresh lime and spiced with cloves and flamed cinnamon, served straight up

Andes Punch


Mora fruit from the Andes shaken with medium sweet English apple juice, elderflower and fresh lemon, sweetened with honey and lifted with crushed juniperberries, served over ice

Piña Presse


Colombian Piña shaken with green basil and fresh lemon juice, infused with spicy ginger, sweetened with agave syrup and served over crushed ice

Guayaba Licuado


Guava fruit shaken with fresh strawberries and coconut cream, enhanced with vanilla and lemon, all served over crushed ice

Maracuya Punch


Maracuya fruit shaken with cloudy English apple juice, mint and fresh raspberries, sweetened with honey and served over ice

Colombian Iced-tea


Mango and Lulo fruit shaken with jasmine tea, served ice-cold, seasoned with a blend of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and nutmeg


Club Colombia (Colombia)


Cusquena (Peru)


Quilmes (Argentina)


Negra Modelo (Mexico)



We offer a full range of aperitifs, spirits, liqueurs and digestifs, including a wide selection of Latin American favourites - rums, tequilas, chacacas, piscos and aguardientes