Sabor - South American Restaurant


Tabacos Habaneros


Smoked chicken and capers, wrapped in crispy filo pastry to emulate the Cuban tobacco, served with cassava hash and ají rojo

Empanadas Paisas


Traditional cornmeal patties of the Antioquia region of Colombia, containing a mix of chorizo plantain and potato, served with aji rojo (a fresh relish of tomato, onion and jalapeno chili)

Chorizo Colombiano


Home-made coriander and saffron flavoured pork sausage served with a yuca, corn and spinach hash and a coriander salsa



Caribbean cassava fritters stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and red peppers served with a tomato sofrito

Bolinhos de Bacalao


Salt cod and potato croquetas served with homemade avocado salsa

Vieiras con mojo de mango


Scallops sauteed in passion fruit butter, with mango salsa, jalapeno-basil pesto, served over Andean corn-bread

Quesadillas de Berenjena


Flour tortillas stuffed with a spicy mix of roasted aubergine, tomato and goat's cheese, served with home-made guacamole

Ruby's Bean Soup


Colombian home-style bean soup with red peppers, chopped red onions, herbs and sweetcorn tortas


Ceviche de Atun y Salmon


Fresh tuna and salmon cubes, marinated with lime juice and soya, coconut and home pickled cucumber. Served with pineapple chilli

Ceviche Peruano


Fresh cod fillet cubes, marinated in lime juice with chilli, ginger and coriander, served with sweet potatoes, red onions and toasted corn

Main courses



Ecuatorian version of tamales, a dumpling of fresh corn kernels and cornmeal, onions and peppers, wrapped in a corn husk; steamed and served with baby leaf salad and palm heart salsa

Chimichanga con Salsa Diabla


Filo pastry with a spicy mix of black beans, button and oyster mushrooms and dolcelatte cheese, served with a rocket salad and salsa diabla (fresh jalapeno peppers, garlic & tomatoes)

Berenjena Rellena de Quinoa


Chargrilled aubergine stuffed with quinoa risotto, spicy roasted butternut squash, yellow courgettes, peas and confit cherry tomatoes. Served with a chilled coriander cream

Rabo Encendido


A true taste of Cuba: tender slow-braised oxtail in a fiery malbec wine sauce with roast garlic mash. Accompanied by a sweet plantain and ginger flan

Conejo en Salsa de Chocolate


Succulent, slow-cooked rabbit in an authentic spicy Inca chocolate sauce, served with papas a la huancaina (Peruvian-style potatoes baked in cheese and aji amarillo sauce)

Pollo con Salsa de Maiz Ahumado


Pan-fried marinated breast of chicken, served with Mayan Gold saffron potato mash, rocoto pepper and sweet potato cream and smoky corn salsa

Cancato de Chiloe


Fresh swordfish grilled then marinated in a red wine vinaigrette, served at room temperature with mixed peppers and tostones (grilled plantain) and aioli



A classic dish from coastal Brazil - a delicious stew of red snapper, swordfish, prawns, mussels, tomatoes and coconut milk, seasoned with chili and coriander, served over rice

Pargo Rojo con Gallo Pinto


Pan fried fillet of red snapper with a crispy, spicy, cocoa/chilli coating, served with Nicaraguan red beans and rice and a fresh tomato sauce

Argentine Beef

Your choice of steak, rubbed with our special barbecue spices or simply seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled to your taste, and served with our house chimichurri and a salad of mixed greens and a balsamic glazed plantain

8oz Argentine Rib-eye Steak


8oz Argentine Fillet Steak



Yuca Fritas


Papas Criollas


Green Salad