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Sabor and Latin America

Sabor is pleased to support Children of the Andes, a London-based charity which works for the relief of children and their families in Colombia who have struggled in the face of poverty, ill health, war, displacement and neglect. Visit their website and online shop, which allows you to buy products from HMV, Waterstone's and other organisations, with a percentage of your purchases going to benefit the charity.

We also support the Friends of Colombia for Social Aid, a charity set up in 1976 to help disadvantaged children towards a better future through education and healthcare. Through its efforts, the charity has been able to buy much-needed healthcare equipment such as incubators and blood chemistry analysers for smaller clinics which look after the needs of the poor.

We're pleased to work with Fruto del Espíritu, an organisation which helps to generate employment and contribute to sustainable development, primarily in Colombia, by opening up new overseas markets for local farmers who grow exotic fruits. Their 'liquid fruits' are a key ingredient in our cocktails. Contact them at

Sabor is delighted to use organic quinoa from Bolivia in our recipes. Planted since Inca times, quinoa should be better known in the UK - as well as being deliciously nutty it is higher in protein, calcium, B vitamins and iron than any other grain. It's also packed with lysine and other healthy amino acids and is gluten-free, making it easy to digest.

Since Sabor opened we have been proud to display fabulous arrangements from Flowers by Cymbidium, who specialise in native British and exotic Colombian foliage and flowers, such as heliconias. Choosing this glamorous Andean bloom allows us to support small growers as well as bring beauty to the restaurant. Flowers by Cymbidium, 182 Castelnau, Barnes, SW13 9DH. T: 020 8255 9632, mobile: 07931 371783